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Handshake Hacks

Activate and Engage More Students on Handshake

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We’ve heard your requests for more marketing ideas, content, and best practices to help you activate and engage more students on Handshake. As such, we’re launching a marketing best practices email series to share those very things. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with prebuilt marketing collateral and playbooks that help you.

What to expect

You’ll receive emails chock full of new tips, guides, resources, content templates, promotional materials, and suggestions from your peers on the theme of getting your students to 1) log into Handshake and 2) start engaging with the tools and services you’ve curated for them.

Some of the first topics we’ll cover include:

How to effectively communicate the value of Handshake to students, answering questions like:

  • How should I introduce Handshake to first year students?
  • What’s the best way to frame the value of Handshake so students will want to use it?
  • How do I explain that being on Handshake is valuable in addition to other sites like LinkedIn?

How to kickstart an on-campus marketing program, sharing back learnings from schools on:

  • Faculty and campus partner collaboration
  • Student-led Handshake programming
  • On-campus Handshake activation events

How to use Handshake’s Targeted Emails tool to activate students, providing resources like:

  • Top five email best practices to live by
  • A case study on how peer universities have engaged students using targeted emails
  • Targeted email templates to get you started right away

...and many more over the course of spring 2020.

Where to find the content — now and later

To make sure it’s easy for you to find all the assets we discuss in the future, we’ll centralize the material we send to you on the Student Marketing Toolkit — which hopefully you are already familiar with!

*Insider intel: the Toolkit is undergoing an exciting refresh! Expect big updates later this spring.

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Level the playing field for your students