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Handshake Hacks, Product Development

5 Handshake product updates you may have missed

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite small but mighty product updates that’ll enhance your everyday workflows within Handshake.

We know staying on top of updates from Handshake can be a lot. From newsletters to product updates to whitepapers to webinars, it’s easy to miss the little things on Handshake. So here’s an in case you missed it5 small but powerful product updates that can enhance your everyday workflows on Handshake. And, all five were developed based on feedback from our education partners!

1. Add hyperlinks in comments in appointments

Ever needed to share additional resources with students before or after an appointment? Now you can add hyperlinks in the comments section and easily share articles, blog posts, documents, or external websites!

Hyperlinks in appointment messages

Hyperlinks in appointment messages

To learn more about Appointment comments, click here.

2. Add a custom appointment availability messaging

You now have the option to add a custom message students see when there are no appointments available. You can add a standardized message, link to additional resources, or even list a phone number to call in case students are unable to schedule an appointment with you.

Custom appointment availability message

Custom appointment availability message

To learn how to set your custom appointment availability message, click here.

3. Mark events as virtual or in-person

With the rise of virtual events, we launched an update allowing you to more explicitly indicate an event’s location. This makes it easier for students to differentiate between in-person and virtual events. You can also build hybrid events—just mark the event as in-person and add a virtual attendance link.

In-person and virtual event locations

In-person and virtual event locations

To learn about building events, click here.

4. Report on event check-in source

Since students can now check into hybrid events via various methods (ie. via QR code, kiosk, video, or manually), we added a “check-in source” field to our Attendee Report to keep track of how students join events. This will also help provide more context when you’re planning logistics for future hybrid events.

To learn more about the “check-in source” field in the Event Attendee Report, click here.

5. Feature updated Handshake content modules in Targeted Emails

When you’re building a Targeted Email, you can add a pre-designed module to feature a job, event, or fair. We recently redesigned these modules to make better use of space. Plus, we launched the ability to feature employer collections. Simply choose “Employer Collection” on the side panel under “Handshake Content” and it’ll populate a module for the employer collection.

Redesigned Handshake content modules in Targeted Emails

Redesigned Handshake content modules in Targeted Emails

To learn more about adding Handshake content to Targeted Emails, click here.

Thanks to all of our partners who advocated for these updates—we hope they help make your fall a little easier. For more Handshake hacks, check out these blog posts.

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