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3 steps to collect employer booth check-ins

Illustrate the impact of your in-person fairs with student-employer connections.

One of the benefits of virtual fairs is the ability to easily track which students met with which employers. This connection data is transformative in helping illustrate the success of your fair and keep a pulse on your students’ interests.

With employer booth check-in, Handshake is unlocking this student-employer connection data at in-person fairs. Now you can seamlessly track student check-ins at employer booths via QR code and help students and employers keep their conversation going after the fair. Here are the three simple steps to do it.

Print your employer booth check-in signs before the fair

Handshake makes it easy to bulk download employer booth check-in signs. Just click the Download QR codes button on the registered employers page. Pre-designed signs—including the employer’s name and booth number and the name of your fair—are generated for every registered employer in alphabetical order.

print booth QR codes

TIP: Select the PDF option to print immediately or choose PNG if you want to add the QR code to your own sign design.

We also recommend sharing information about checking in with employers and students ahead of the fair.

Distribute the check-in signs on the day of the fair

On the day of the fair, distribute the check-in signs to employers as they arrive. Students who visit the employer’s booth can scan the QR code with their phone’s camera to check in.

Student scans a QR code to check in

TIP: Students are more likely to check-in if the sign is easy to see. We recommend displaying the sign on a stand.

Distributing signs also provides a great opportunity to educate employers about the value of collecting check-ins. We recommend sharing that all student check-ins will be available in Handshake after the fair, making it easy to follow up with students they met.

Review check-in data after the fair

After the fair, head back to the registered employers page in Handshake to see how many check-ins each employer logged. If you click the three-dot menu at the end of the row, you can see the list of students who checked in with an individual employer. You can also access check-in data via Analytics.

TIP: This data is excellent for showcasing the outcomes of your fair. It’s also a great way to understand which employers saw the most engagement.

Students and employers can see who they checked in with at the fair in Handshake too. Plus, we send students and employers an email summarizing their check-ins the day after the fair.

For a deep dive on employer booth check-in, check out the recording of our recent office hours sessions. For more about Handshake’s product roadmap, check out this webinar recording.

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