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Handshake Access is the largest virtual gathering for employers and higher ed professionals focused on accelerating early careers.

Watch all sessions from Handshake Access 2022 and get a jump on the Fall recruiting season.

Democratizing access to good jobs: Building social capital for today's students

Say goodbye to the adage "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Learn how Gen Z is building their own social capital to jumpstart their careers—and how you can plug in.

Gen Z & the future of work: How geography, flexibility, and culture are shaping recruiting post-Covid

Gen Z is entering the workforce with strong preferences: from flexible hours to increasingly transparent and purpose driven work. Heres how to rethink your game plan for cultivating talent and building culture to attract and retain Gen Z.

Meeting students on their own terms, in person and online

For the teams at Mastercard and UNC Chapel Hill, hybrid recruiting isn't about convenience—it's a path toward equity, higher fulfillment, and better representation. Learn how hybrid recruiting can strengthen relationships, reduce resource constraints, and support Gen Z.

How expanding school networks leads to long-term hiring success

The more schools you're connected to, the more effective and sustainable your talent pipeline will be. Learn how expanding your school strategy can deliver a steady, more diverse talent pipeline and how to effectively partner with career services for consistent student and alumni hiring success.

Open network, expert guidance

Hear from our Signal Boosting Advisory Board and dive into the philosophy behind Handshake's product vision and how their unique perspective has helped us develop our approach.

Career education & liberal arts don't have to be at odds

Hear from leaders at PepsiCo and Wake Forest University to learn how liberal education is helping to create a more transparent path to career success.

Why relevance is key to brand engagement

Hear how our experts have successfully launched events programs to stand out among students and alumni—especially those focused on underrepresented groups or candidates with specialized skills—and why they are critical to your recruiting strategy.

Cracking the code to student engagement

Engaging students in career activities is a constant challenge for most career services teams. Learn how three institutions got creative to break through the noise and engage with their students.

Building skills pathways for today’s learners/tomorrow’s workers

Learn why developing nontraditional skills pathways is essential to preparing job seekers with the skills required for the future of work—and how these programs can unlock economic opportunity, especially for underrepresented groups.

The student perspective: Mental health and the job hunt

Hear from a panel of Handshake student users who will share how the mental health impact of the past two years has influenced their approach to the job search and what they expect from employers, managers and mentors.

Finding the unfindable: Strategies for hiring specialized roles

Hear from execs at Johnson & Johnson and learn how they successfully adapted their hiring strategy to a skills-based recruiting model to make sure they remain a top employer for candidates with specialized skills like data science.

Metrics that matter: How to tell your story with data

Learn how partner institutions are utilizing engagement and outcomes data from Handshake to effectively provide institutional leadership with an accurate and compelling view of student activity and how they’re driving equitable outcomes.

Gen Z trends: How to design jobs & cultures for the next generation

We dive into the trends across our platform of over 10 million Gen Z job seekers to uncover top skills, interests, and majors, as well as the factors that make employers more desirable, like DEI, remote work, compensation, and more.

It takes a village: How employers and universities must work together to diversify early talent pipelines

Hear our panelists discuss how employers and higher education institutions can partner to create better hiring processes for students from diverse backgrounds—and create workplace environments where their talents can grow and thrive.

Activating career readiness for the next generation of Black job seekers

Hear how three visionaries across different industries are increasing access, equity, and mobility for Black job seekers, and walk away with inspiring strategies and stories to transform your organization’s impact.

My life, through the lens of a wine glass: A story of breaking barriers in the hospitality industry

Urban Grape Founder and CEO TJ Douglas shares his story and non-traditional path to building a thriving career and Black-owned business in an industry where doors were often closed to men and women who looked like him.

Impactful recruiting that scales regardless of team size

Executives at top companies share how their lean HR teams are succeeding in spite of tight budgets and fewer resources—from building a strong talent brand via DEI efforts to using tech to better focus recruiting and hiring efforts.

Presidents roundtable: Embedding career services into the core of the institution

Hear from current and former higher ed presidents as they discuss why integrating career services into the core of educational institutions is imperative for the success of both students and the institution itself.

Thanks to all of our amazing partners for a great Access 2022!

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