Handshake hosted its 2nd Annual User Conference at the University of Las Vegas on June 5-6, just prior to NACE. The goal of the conference was to instill product knowledge, share best practices, and network with the Handshake community.

The conference centered on 3 key themes:

  1. Empowered to Succeed: To be the ultimate partner for Career Services, Handshake has grown a lot. Garrett Lord, cofounder and CEO, explained how we’ve grown the team, hired top talent, and most importantly delivered on features that save time, add value, and help students.

  2. Learning Together: As the Handshake network grows, we want to enable schools to share best practices and learn from one another. We announced the launch of Handshake Certified Trainers, a program that certifies Career Service professionals to train other schools, lead events, and be the expert in their office. We also launched the Handshake Community, where schools post questions and get answers from other schools within minutes. And we updated training materials to make the best use of your time and keep you informed of new products and features.

  3. Students First: Handshake’s mission is to help all students build a great career. The product trainings and workshops at the User Conference highlighted the importance of profile completion and student engagement. We also unveiled our student product roadmap - more specifically, the move from search to discovery, a native mobile app, and peer to peer learning through campus profiles.

What we ask of you:

To access presentations, click here. If you missed the User Conference, be sure to tune into our Product Roadmap Webinar with Garrett Lord, cofounder and CEO and Jonathan Stull, Head of Product, to hear what’s new this summer and fall!