Handshake Insights Reporting & Analytics Made Easy

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Fully Integrated

No additional modules or contracts. It's fully integrated from the start.


Real-Time Data

Access the custom dashboard from any device at any time.


Fast Reporting

No waiting for downloads. Built for speed with even the largest data set.

Visualize Your Data

Click-and-display technology provides a quick and easy access to real-time reporting that turns your data into a story. Spend less time managing your data and more time using it to shape strategy and understand outcomes.

Custom Dashboard

Combine multiple data views into a single dashboard that you can publish and share on a mobile device, as a pdf file, or through automated email delivery.


Mobile Access

Print and share charts and graphs or display current metrics on a mobile device while meeting with administrators or team members.


Fast and Easy Reporting

Simple click-and-displaying reporting creates detail and summary reports in seconds, making creating reports for NACE, NUBS, accreditation and other uses nearly effortless.


One-Click Visualization

The one-click visualization tab displays student and employer data into multiple chart options from bar graphs and pie charts to scatter plots and trend lines.


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