First Destination Survey Empowering career services through deep student insights

First Destination Survey

Drive Completion Rate

The interactive and responsive design increases student engagement and survey completion

First Destination Survey

Recommend Jobs

Job seekers are automatically redirected to open job postings

First Destination Survey

Data Reporting

Track response rates and view real-time results using integrated data visualization tools

Driving survey completion rate

It can often be difficult to drive student engagement with First Destination Surveys. Calling students, manually asking questions, and ensuring that the required data is collected can require an enormous amount of your staff’s time and attention. Through interesting visualizations, instant feedback, and a rewarding experience, Handshake’s First Destination Survey tool will increase your survey completion rates and give you deeper insights into all of your student outcomes.

Clearly communicate your support to students who are still seeking.

Since Handshake is a complete career services platform, and not only a survey tool, we can proactively assist students with professional challenges they’re facing, in real-time. As an example, if a student indicates on the First Destination Survey that they haven’t yet found a job, Handshake can proactively recommend potential opportunities and connect students with the right employers.

First Destination Survey

Outstanding reporting capabilities

Handshake’s First Destination reporting capabilities are both NACE and NUBS compliant. We’ve worked extensively with the major specifications in the space to ensure that our tools give you all of the information needed. You will be able to conveniently and efficiently report your results to all interested parties, internal or external with just a few clicks.

First Destination Survey

Clean, modern, mobile interface

The First Destination Survey provides a modern, useable interface that works great no matter the device you’re on. Our beautiful visualizations keep students engaged and enjoying the Handshake experience. Intuitive workflows expedite the survey process and reduce student drop-off.

First Destination Survey
First Destination Survey

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First Destination Survey

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