Handshake is excited to announce the Handshake Trust Score.

The Handshake Trust Score is designed to empower college career centers with information from their peers in the Handshake community to make the employer approval process easier, safer, and more efficient.

Trust Score

Currently, career services staff at colleges and universities across the country are individually conducting hours of research on various companies to determine if an employer is viable to engage with their students using limited information available to them. With the Handshake Trust Score, data is curated from across the Handshake community to assign a rating on how “trustworthy” an employer is. In assigning a rating Handshake carefully considers:

  • The number of schools that have approved the employer vs. those that have
  • declined them. Flags submitted across the Handshake community The number of
  • approved jobs the employer has posted. Profile completeness Activity in the
  • system

Once an employer has enough activity in the system to calculate a trust score, career center administrators can see it throughout Handshake. As more information is gathered on employer activity, the trust score will continue to be refined.

“Handshake has been designed from its inception to put the power of a network to work for career services, students, and employers. We’re excited about this feature because it’s the first of many that are only possible through Handshake’s unique architecture” says CEO Garrett Lord.

The Handshake Trust Score is available to the Handshake community starting today. As with all Handshake releases it will come at no additional cost to our career center partners.