Fall 2021 Cheat Sheet: The Modern Guide to Recruiting during Reopening

As students prepare to return to the classroom, get ahead of the recruiting season with this resource guide.

As you embark on your fall 2021 recruiting journey, reference this cheat sheet to scale your program and remain competitive—both in person and online.

Recruiting early talent once evoked images of busy on-campus career fairs.

Remember the suitcases full of binders, piles of branded pens strewn about your tablecloth, and the parade of students filing from one booth to the next? From distracting conversations to seemingly missed connections, these events were largely time-consuming, limiting, and ineffective.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened and like other industries that once relied heavily on in-person events, everything we knew about campus recruiting was forever transformed. Today, an employer’s school network isn’t limited to the schools they could once visit in person—it’s boundless and exists outside of the confines of a physical setting.

With vaccines becoming more widely available, people are eager to resume life away from the computer screen. But if the past year taught us anything, it’s that the old ways weren’t working, and that some groups were left out.

With virtual recruiting, that started to change.

According to a recent Handshake Network Trends report, virtual career events help level the playing field for students who traditionally face biases, particularly women and students of color. Equity became paramount—from how employers surface their jobs to the way in which they source, engage, and evaluate students with greater intentionality. 

When recruiting shifted from in-person to online, networks were unlocked and equity prevailed. Students could forge new connections from the convenience and comforts of anywhere and everywhere.

The lessons learned over this past year will carry with us well into the future. What this means for the fall 2021 recruiting season is the continued adoption of virtual recruiting with hybrid digital and in-person experiences—a model that prioritizes the accessibility, convenience, and comfort of virtual recruiting.

As you plan your strategy this fall, download this cheat sheet for actionable tips and inspiring takeaways you can incorporate along your journey.