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Product Development, Handshake Hacks

Welcome to the Handshake home feed

Revolutionizing screen time with compelling career content at your student's fingertips

Handshake is more than just a job platform—it’s a responsive source of guidance, inspiration, and community to any student at any stage of their career development journey. Experience the newest phase of the Handshake experience on the Handshake home feed.

What is the Handshake home feed?

The Handshake home feed is a hub for career content from schools, employers, students, and other career experts in the form of videos and written posts—alongside recommended jobs and events, of course. Consider the following best practices when planning and creating content.


Create uniquely compelling content by reflecting genuine experiences of your students, meeting them where they are while giving you opportunities to produce relatable and diverse content.


Deliver easily digestible content by establishing a clear call-to-action, creating videos under a minute long, keeping text-based posts concise, and only using emoji as needed.


Plan your posts holistically. Elements like lighting, sound quality, visual effects, caption copy, and more can impact the performance and perceived helpfulness of your content.


Post regularly to boost awareness of your team’s expertise and services, share timely and relevant industry insights, and provide a steady flow of resources for young professionals.

“This past year we've been relying heavily on our student career mentors. They are very good about giving us feedback on which platforms to use, what content works, and what content doesn't.”

Paula Drelick, Communications Manager, Career & Professional Development Center at Carnegie Mellon University

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