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Product Development

Nurture your network with Handshake's enhanced employer relationship management tool

Grow your network and strengthen your employer relationships through Handshake’s integrated end-to-end relationship management platform.

Handshake is your central platform for tracking engagement with employer partners—bringing jobs, events, contacts, and activities together. By using our employer relationship management (ERM) tool, you will:

Nurture your relationships

Efficiently manage your existing relationships with comprehensive activity tracking. Share notes, use filters, and set reminders on your team’s activity with an employer to keep relationships active and avoid missing any important follow-up tasks. Fun fact: Even emails—sent from anywhere—will be tracked in an employer's activity log.

Grow your partnerships

Easily access snapshot and in-depth insights and trends about your relationships to inform your engagement strategy and help communicate the success of your program to various stakeholders. Plus, advanced First Destination Survey (FDS) tools will help you visualize where your students are getting hired and generate actionable data, which is then consolidated at the employer level for you.

Discover new employers

Take the guesswork out of building relationships by discovering new employers through advanced filters based on criteria you and your students value most, like “strong alumni connections” or “hiring near my school.” Also, employers can now express interest in connecting with your team through our new employer interest signal.

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